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PayPal Lebanon, As MENA general manager of PayPal, Elias Ghanim said that Arab Net 2013 Conference in Beirut announced that PayPal payments which is one of the most famous online payment services will be available soon in Lebanon. And most likely to happen this year “referring to 2013 PayPal Lebanon” But If you head into you won’t find Lebanon within the supported countries. Also PayPal’s General Manager mentioned that the company do follow a roadmap in order to list priorities, many do believe that the problem is in the restrictions imposed on credit cards targeted in Lebanon not PayPal Lebanon itself, however he did explain that the company unrolls its service gradually in many different countries according to the priority level for each one confirming that there is no legal restriction on Lebanon and the main and only problem is that the Lebanese market not having such an important rate of online payments. Perhaps for a third world country like Lebanon western Union is the best payment method, still you cannot find WU payment everywhere on the web. Simply because it’s not as swift – reliable and easy as PayPal.


This is PayPal reply at the end of 2013, Source:

“Dear Jad,

My name is Laurent Wakim and I am in charge of PayPal’s business in the MENA region.

As my colleague explained to you, when we announced the launch of PayPal services in Egypt in May, there was a misinterpretation about Lebanon’s launch. In 2012, PayPal decided to have a dedicated team focusing on the MENA region. As part of the priorities, expanding our geographic footprint is among the most important ones. That’s why we launched our business in Egypt.

Lebanon is an important market to us (and to me being Lebanese) however when PayPal looks at new opportunities, we need to prioritize them and they compete against other initiatives whether new products, new geographies, …etc. So while enabling Lebanon remains a priority for us, we don’t have any timeline that we can share. There are no reasons why PayPal is not launching Lebanon, it is a matter of priorities”

Paypal Lebanon

How to Create  A PayPal Account From Lebanon ?

Apply directly for a PayPal Account Targeted in the UK with a small fee

Paypal Lebanon

External system procedure will be enrolled with the account creation. You will receive both a confirmation and an approval email to inform about the account, feel free to contact us

Paypal Lebanon

Alternative ways for creating PayPal Accounts

First Method: Create an account at it is totally free, as soon as you create an account you will get a virtual visa card that can be linked to your PayPal account. fund the virtual visa card with any Lebanese credit/debit card and you will get a PayPal account.

Second Method: Signup and set your country as USA, also leave the phone number blank or use an address to fund, Create an account at  and fund your account with any Lebanese credit/debit card Then use the Entropay virtual visa card in PayPal To verify PayPal, Then create an account at to get a virtual bank account in USA that can be used to verify your PayPal account.

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PayPal Lebanon, Having troubles with existent PayPal account ?

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Needs verification or asking for Western Union withdrawing option ?


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PayPal Lebanon Service to get all you want online and pay cash via western union.


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